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Spot On is a term from the U.K. that means absolutely correct or exactly what is needed and offers two channels * Inspirations - Topics of spiritual nature including the Generations podcast series. * Creative Christians- A podcast about Creative people who happen to be Christians.
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A generational podcast where three generations of Christian women share their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life.

The three hosts introduce themselves and their lives along with thoughts on what they hope to contribute by creating this podcast.
Hosts-Bridgette Mongeon-Christina Diliberto- Barbara Ingersoll

Listening time approximately 14 minutes

Bridgette 47 lives in Houston, facilitates a senior Sunday school class and helps with worship at her church. She hopes to help other women gain hope and encouragement through the podcast or perhaps even assist with healing through generations.

Chris 23 lives in Tulsa and talks about her denominational background, and the difference between a spiritual life in high school and that of a young adult. She hopes women will gain some life stuff from the podcast.

Barbara 72 lives in New York and talks about counseling hurting women and about beginning Christian support groups through Women's Aglow and training leaders.  Her physical active ministry appears to end as she has broken both hips and is living in an assisted living facility. She discusses the importance of family and the principles, both spiritual and otherwise that need to be passed on. She enjoys watching the mirroring of lives and faith through the generations. 

Each comments on the importance of prayer in their lives, and the thought of all the people who have prayed for them.

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PLEASE NOTE:  You will have to turn your volume up to hear this podcast.  We are sorry for this technical difficulty, we are aware of it and hope to have this technical problem fixed in up and coming podcasts.  Don't forget to turn your volume down after listening.

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