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Spot On is a term from the U.K. that means absolutely correct or exactly what is needed and offers two channels * Inspirations - Topics of spiritual nature including the Generations podcast series. * Creative Christians- A podcast about Creative people who happen to be Christians.

 SHOW NOTES: Host Bridgette Mongeon talks to Tony Biaggne the creative director behind the Advent Conspiracy.  What is the Advent Conspiracy?  It is approaching Advent in a different way. Tony gives us tips, websites and discusses the 4 points behind the movement.

1. Worship

2. Spend Less

3. Give More

4. Love All

For more information about the advent conspiracy check out the website which offers many different graphics and sources for churches and organizations to download, it can be found at If you need some creative ideas about how to change how you do Christmas, to make if feel more meaningful, check out their other site If you are interested in learning more about Advent Conspiracy in a study group they do have a book and a DVD 

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The Inspirations/Generations podcast and the Creative Christian podcast are recorded three times a month.

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