Spot On
Spot On is a term from the U.K. that means absolutely correct or exactly what is needed and offers two channels * Inspirations - Topics of spiritual nature including the Generations podcast series. * Creative Christians- A podcast about Creative people who happen to be Christians.
INSPIRATIONS_0071 Creative Christian-Creative Angst and Dr. Suz.
INSPIRATIONS_0071 Creative Christian-Creative Angst and Dr. Suz.

SHOW NOTES Hosts Bridgette and Christina talk  to Dr.Suz, Christina about creative angst and how to welcome it, use it and  transform it into glorifying God.

Listening time approximately 25.56 minutess

Sponsored by God's Word Collectibles Give God's Word as a gift, collect God's Word in your heart! PLEASE NOTE:  You will have to turn your volume up to hear this podcast.  We are sorry for this technical difficulty, we are aware of it and hope to have this technical problem fixed in up and coming podcasts.  Don't forget to turn your volume down after listening.

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